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Judith, 22 year old art history student with an enormous proclivity for Shakespeare. I watch way too many films and tv shows and I make a lot of gifs and stuff. You can also find me on lotrdaily and gifsofgot. Have fun I love you!

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fun idea: don’t add insulting comments under my gif sets


How to spot a fake geek guy:

  • says robin is useless
  • says aquaman is useless
  • worships batman bc batman is invincible
  • doesn’t “understand” superman because he’s not relatable or interesting
  • makes “hero vs hero” posts
  • probably smells like axe

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Frying pans… who knew, right?


Pride and Prejudice (2005) dir. Joe Wright

He’s single!

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You think I’m an ignorant savage and you’ve been so many places/I guess it must be so, but still I cannot see if the savage one is me/ How can there be so much that you don’t know?/You don’t know.

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Audrey Hepburn (May 4th, 1929 – January 20th, 1993) 

Mary Moser (1744-1819), detail of Vase of Flowers.

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